Studio Rates

How exactly does this work?
It’s SUPER EASY! Send me your song, recorded to a click, and I do the rest. It really is that simple.

How much does it cost?
This depends on what exactly you want done. Email me via the CONTACT page for a quote, and ask about a bulk rate if you need tracking for multiple songs. But keep in mind, I will always be MUCH cheaper than renting a studio, hiring an engineer, AND paying for a session musician. Here, you’re only paying for my time. And unlike most online session musicians, I don’t charge extra fees for recording extra takes or adding instruments. You pay one fee, and I’ll work until you’re completely satisfied with the tracks.

How long will it take?
It depends on how booked I am when you contact me, but I can usually deliver tracks within a day or two of receiving your guide track.

What should my guide track be like?
It can be fully produced or hardly produced at all. I just need a sense of the overall vibe and a clear outline of the form. You can send just a voice and acoustic guitar or piano and give me some kind of indication of what will eventually end up on the track (electric guitars, strings, synths, etc.). The only requirement is for everything to be lined up to a click (more on this below).

How will I be sure your tracks will line up with my tracks?
I’m very careful to make sure everything lines up properly. If you work in Pro Tools, just send me a Pro Tools session file and I’ll send you one back with my tracks included. If you’re using another DAW, make sure your guide track is lined up to start exactly at the beginning of your session, or at the beginning of a measure (one or two bars before the start of the tune always works) and I’ll make sure my tracks start at exactly the same point, so you’ll just drop them in to your session, line them up, and you’ll be good to go!

How should I communicate how I want your playing to sound?
If you have a guide track on your music, I’d ask you to send a version of your guide track with it included, so I can hear the direction you’re going in. It’s also extremely helpful to have a list of songs that have guitar sounds and/or playing similar to what you want.

How will I be able to ‘produce’ the tracks?
I encourage as much production input as possible! Once I have a clear indication of what you want the tracks to sound like, along with some programmed parts or examples of parts and feels from other songs, I just go for it. Then I send you an mp3 of my tracks along with the guide track, and you tell me if it’s right or completely wrong or what you want changed. Then I do another take and send that mp3, and the process continues until the take is perfect.

What file format do you use?
I normally use WAV files at 24bit, 48k, but I’m happy to do whatever you’d prefer.

How will you deliver the tracks?
I normally just zip them all up, upload them to my website, and give you a link to download. But if using Dropbox or some other similar service is easier for you, I’m happy to do that as well.

What kinds of guitars, mics, and preamps do you use?
Dana’s main instruments are listed on the equipment page. For a full equipment listing please send us an email.

What DAW do you use?
Pro Tools 8.

Why send tracks to you rather than go into a traditional studio?
There are many reasons!:
COST: As previously mentioned, it’s much cheaper to pay for only my time, as opposed to renting a studio, paying an engineer, AND paying the session musician.
TIME: Trying to schedule a studio, an engineer, a musician, and finding time in your own schedule can be difficult. Here, all you do is send an email and the work begins. You can “be here” for tracking if you’d like, but essentially you just send me your stuff and I do all the work, and in a day or two, tracks are delivered to your computer!
SOUND: I’ve got great-sounding gear. And guitar-wise, I have literally my entire guitar, and dobro collection here, so the sound possibilities are much greater than they’d be in a traditional studio.
ATTENTION TO DETAIL: In a commercial studio environment, time is literally money, and I often find that a lot left is undone when the guitar tracking is complete. You go home with lots of different takes and likely lots of splicing and editing to do. I can provide you with multiple takes if you’d like, but I normally just deliver one pristine take, usually comp’ed from the best moments of multiple takes. This saves you the hassle of doing it yourself, and lets you rest assured that I’ve paid close attention to making the edits sound seamless and natural. Believe me, nothing irks me more than hearing a bad edit!
MOST IMPORTANT – GETTING A GREAT TAKE: While I love working out of commercial recording studios and still do it all the time, the process can sometimes be taxing. Getting to the studio, setting up, waiting for the mics to be set up, getting the sounds dialed in, and THEN having to deliver inspired performances — despite bottomless cups of coffee — it’s not always the most inspiring environment. Here, I’ve got everything ready to go and know what needs to change with the recording gear when I switch guitars. So even though I’m now the engineer as well as the session musician, the whole process is much more relaxed and I can focus more intently on being creative and delivering some killer guitar tracks. And that’s absolutely the most important thing of all, getting a creative and inspired performance.

Why should I use Dana Keller Tracks?
I know there are other options out there, but I believe there are many qualities that set Dana Keller Tracks above the rest:
–Most importantly, I can guarantee you’ll be happy with the performance itself. Take your time and listen to all the audio examples of my playing here on the site. I promise to deliver a unique and inspired performance on every song. Dana Keller Tracks isn’t a factory, churning out bland, emotionless tracks. I spend time with each project to create something genuine, and I like to think that you can really hear the difference.
–Sonically, you’ll get tracks that sound every bit as good as what you’ll hear from the world’s best recording studios. I’m not recording in my bedroom or basement. This is a dedicated studio set up specifically for recording guitars, and you can definitely hear the difference.
–My prices are very competitive, and I don’t nickel and dime you with add-on charges for extra revisions or bass tracks or extra editing. My prices are all-inclusive, so you pay me once, and I’ll deliver everything you need.
–Lastly, because it can be a bit strange to be here in my studio, by myself, recording guitars for people thousands of miles away, I make every effort to keep you involved and collaborate as much as possible. This is YOUR music we’re working on, and I never dismiss that fact. I won’t settle for anything less than your satisfaction.

Pedal Steel/Guitar/Dobro